July News

It's been a while... and we have been busy! Two shipments arrived this past week and we are expecting another very soon. Deliveries are going out and orders are coming in. New samples have been photographed and uploaded, but there are hundreds more to go. 

We are working on getting our warehouse inventory photographed so we can list in-stock bolts, but then there's the tricky bit about setting up a login for the site, which we are working on. For now the site is more of a "look book" while we develop a system for ordering online. 

The QH Textiles label is gone, but we still carry QH items including Hanabi and Wagara fabric lines. It was always our plan to carry the name for a while, then grow into our own brand, which we are doing now. 

Our debut at Quilt Market in St. Louis this spring was an adventure. We met so many interesting shop owners, both at the show and along the road (three days of driving, each way!). Will we see you at Quilt Market in Houston this fall? I hope so. 

Hello! Welcome to the new QH Textiles USA

This is Carol from the new QH Textiles USA. I'm in Japan right now, picking out samples for the new spring releases from Japan. Most designers release their new lines in early February and we'll have our samples in a few weeks. In the meantime I'll be working on the website, getting things sorted so you can place orders and carry on as usual. 

You can call me at 925-360-3375 with any questions. You can reach us anytime at sales@qhtextilesusa.com

If you are looking for more than just fabrics, we are expanding our offerings to include Tulip Co. hand sewing needles, knitting and crochet supplies. We work directly with the company and can offer items the other big suppliers might not have. Many items are in stock, while others require a 3-4 week lead time. 

If you have questions, suggestions, or other feedback, please let us know. We know there are other suppliers out there, so we will work hard to earn your business. 

Here's a peek at the Tokyo Great International Quilt Festival 2017. You can read more about it (and see the quilts!) at The Ardent Thread